Pi Food Truck

We created this food truck because we know that food isn’t just about the flavor, its about the experience. It took about 4 months and a lot of talented hands to craft this one-of-a-kind food truck. Starting with a shipping container and a truck bed, we cut one side out completely and filled it with windows so everyone can watch their food being made. The hand built brick oven is the heart of the truck, giving our pizzas their distinguishable taste. Equipped with commercial appliances and systems, along with a qualified chef, the Pi Indy food truck is truly a kitchen on wheels.

  • Original Brick Oven Pizza

    Cooking happens in a 750-degree wood-fired oven, lending dishes a subtle smokiness somewhere between the Italian countryside and American backyard barbecues.

  • Available For Any Event

    We cater any and all sorts of events, lunches, parties, weddings, sporting events, tournaments, festivals, graduations, employee appreciation, holiday parties and more!

  • 100% Mobile

    Our food truck is a self-contained, kitchen on wheels, allowing us to bring EVERYTHING for anything! Enjoy amazing pizzas cooked fresh on the spot at your next event or celebration.